Forever Young.

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Anonymous asked: I didn't mean to annoy you, no rush! Just thought id let you know aha <3 <3 <3

No worries, I understand:) But I haven’t posted that chapter up before, maybe I used the same picture somewhere else and so it threw us all off! But when I posted it i was about to go to work so I was like “I’ll check later!” and then I didn’t come back ‘til midnight:P But again thanks for letting me know:)

Anonymous asked: Haven't we already read this update?

I feel like you have… Since my laptop was effed up for a while I think some shit got mixed up from my lap top into my friends and ughhhh… But it may also be that these two chapters go over the same situation but in diffrent POV’s… I’ll double check, thanks for telling me!

Chapter 57



“What the fuck? Have you seen what’s trending on the internet about my son?!” she yelled, “You’ve put him in danger, in the public eye, he’s just a baby! What about me?!… I thought you had more respect for us.” She said and I felt my blood boiling over with anger.

 “Seriously? What the fuck do you want from me, Stella? I’m trying, I tried so hard to give you what you wanted and this is how it ends up?”

 “No, stay the hell away from us, Matty doesn’t need someone like you as a dad; you don’t know that you want, Harry.” She said and got him into the car seat in her car and she drove off. She just left me there broken and completely alone; the tears streaming from my eyes were so persistent, the only person who has really listening to me and wanting to help was Niall. I went back to his with Christy and Ava said she needed her space. It was way too quiet… she really just took away my son from me.

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PERRIE IS SO GORGEEE!! 💖     #wcw #perrie #omg

PERRIE IS SO GORGEEE!! 💖 #wcw #perrie #omg