Forever Young.

Hi, I'm Victoria:)
Fantastic day at Hurricane Harbor with this smell ❤🌊 #100happydays #day97 #bf #vjbonewell  (at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor)

Fantastic day at Hurricane Harbor with this smell ❤🌊 #100happydays #day97 #bf #vjbonewell (at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor)

Chapter 64


I gave everyone a clean set of sheets and soon I was in my own room and trying to get some sleep. I called Justin and left him a message goodnight, I really felt lonely tonight, I have no idea why. We had to wake Matty to give him a bath earlier and after that he cried to sleep with his “da” as he calls Harry; so I’m all alone. I know it’s late because I’m exhausted but my mind is traveling at a fast pace and not slowing down as of now. I’m scared and that’s the last thought I remember having before my world went black.

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Chapter 63


“He laughs like you. I swear it gives me life.” Harry mumbled sleepily.

            “I’m glad he does, imagine a baby laughing like you!” I squeaked and was lost in a fit of giggled. It really isn’t fair because he is trying to not wake Matty. Once my giggles subsided I heard him sigh.

            “So, can we spend next Friday evening together, as a family?” he asked and I smiled.

            “Yeah, Justin would love that.”

            “No. No Justin, no Christy; just us and Matty.” He clarified and my heart melted.

            “Yeah, w-we can.” I stuttered.

“Great, I’ll bring Matty by tomorrow evening and we can solidify our plans then?” he asked.

“Yeah, perfect.” I said cheerfully and smiled, “Thanks again for everything, Haz.”

“Well, you know me. Always here for you. ” he said and I just asked him to keep talking and to hang up when I went to sleep. We didn’t last too long, but he was spent, so was I and I was so ready to go back to bed and when I woke up the next morning my phone was dead and I was in an excellent mood, he actually slept with me.

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Anonymous asked: have you ever had braces? you're teeth are fab!

Yes, I did have braces:P And thank you very much:D

Anonymous asked: no no I didn't want to put you under any pressure I was just curious!! I check your blog everyday to see if you've updated so I just didn't want to keep checking if you definitely weren't,take your time it's your story!! x

No worries, it’s been very crazy this week and my parents are over at my apartment for these next few days and all but I’m updating like now, for sure haha thanks for being so supportive:)

Anonymous asked: hey you said the other day you were gonna post a second part that night because the other chapter was a filler, are you still gonna post that or do we just wait until your next full chapter is up? x

I was supposed to, sorry:( I had a busy busy week! Ill do a double update today to make up for it! Alright, pressure’s on! Haha

💁 #fbf #selfienation #frands #lovethemhoes

💁 #fbf #selfienation #frands #lovethemhoes

Asian markets give me life. Thanks @sharonzzhao for taking me to my dreamland ❤❤❤ #chocopie #yes #chocolateislife #asainatheart

Asian markets give me life. Thanks @sharonzzhao for taking me to my dreamland ❤❤❤ #chocopie #yes #chocolateislife #asainatheart

Anonymous asked: it was so brave and kind of you to post that, I'm really happy and proud that you're finally coming to peace with who you are and feel comfortable enough to share it with us. If you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask, and I wish you the best and hope you can at some stage be 100% confident with yourself and comfortable in your skin, because although my opinion won't change yours, you have no reason to be doubting yourself you're fabulous in and out xx

Omg thank you so much:) today’s been a shit day and this is jut what I needed to hear, you’re fabulous and wonderful! God bless you:)