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QuestionI DO NOT LIKE JUSTIN! LIKE SINCE THE BEGINNING! UGH I'M SO ANGRY! It was a great chapter but I don't want her to marry Justin I want her to marry Harry like she's supposed to ! Love your writing either way! Answer

I feel girl, but don’t worry everyone will get what they deserve *sinister smile* 


do you ever think about the money you don’t have and you just


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My anaconda will consider it


The door bell rings and Justin is standing outside looking sharp; after our day together with Matty he went home for a shower and to change. He looks fancy and I look good as well and with a quick kiss he is leading me back to the car. I’m actually a bit nervous; we were driving to his place in silence and with a few words exchanged, then we drove past his street and I looked at him confused bu e kept going until we reached this tiny little restaurant. We stopped and Justin hurried to open my door for me. We walked into the warm place and the man up front smiled wide.


“Whitemore.” Justin said and the man smiled once more.

“Follow me.” He threw in a wink and I looked to Justin, who smiled and kissed my cheek.

“I promise you’re never going to forget tonight.” …

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"6 keys to a great relationship:
- friendship
- freedom
- honesty
- trust
- understanding
- communication"
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"She tastes like every dark thought I’ve ever had."
— White Cat, by Holly Black (via starsshallnotfall)

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OMG please… I promise it’d be pocket change to one of themmmm

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How  feel RN because of ‘Steal My Girl’

How  feel RN because of ‘Steal My Girl’

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